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Cancer Capitalism

Eating seeds fights Cancer, is big Business, produces seedless foods. Go figure. Source: Cancer Capitalism Advertisements

The Riddle of Steel | Abolitic Books

Sigh… I take a deep breath my palms sweaty, heart pounding, but my resolve steady as I think… Invaders… Occupiers!!! How long says he who lays beneath your feet, How long?   Want to see more? Finish reading at the link below. Source: The Riddle of Steel | Abolitic Books: Challenging Views & Publishing Change

Mother’s Day by Abolitic

If I Could Be More… by Abolitic

Deployed: A State of Human Conflict

In this story of man against himself, a young husband in his mid-twenties joins the military hoping to make a better living for his family and ends up getting deployed during his first year as a Marine. He’s a deeply religious man who believes his marriage is doing great, but everyone else who knows him … Continue reading

Poetic Biography (Po.Bio)

Born in the city Raised in the country use to catch crayfish in the river bed picked pecans, blackberries and crab apples… fast forward feet toured war-torn countries poor, sick, young, old, all out-castes with unheard demands from a system designed for a purpose which only political elite and the rich understand … fast forward … Continue reading

Poetic Analysis #1

For this, my first poetic analysis, I’ve chosen the poem “the vacant lot” by Gwendolyn Brooks. You can read it at Poetry Foundation at the below link. The poem is a part of the collection that comprises the book “Selected Poems” by Gwendolyn Brooks. You can find a link to the book under the books … Continue reading

The Four Phases of Love

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Stories, like a good meme, can infect the mind and like a virus, stories can be engineered to have one single purpose: shaping thoughts bending wills enslaving souls transforming images miscegenating cultures… we paint stories we sing stories we televise stories we codify stories we study stories we reenact stories stories have a way of … Continue reading

One Love