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Degrees of Love

Rain drops drip Dripping…drip like Lips tangled in confused twists, Teeth embed in flesh, wish Sounds of beating heart Like beating fists Dexterous enough to clinch The folds of skin fingers pinch As palms press Heat rising from flesh Igniting change Merging, merging, merging, Pleasure and pain Pleasure and pain Pleasure and pain. Advertisements

The Four Phases of Love

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One Love

Mother’s Day 2015

Happy Mother’s Day 2015! Continue reading

Incomplete Thought

Words                 Words                                 Words                 Words never Words never carried                 Words never carried more Words never carried more meaning than when careening, from your lips I’m like a junky, fending, hoping to secure a hit veins protruding like power lines awaiting a think prick that sparks a surge from which I emerge: changed … Continue reading

My Love

You belong to me And you have my heart Oh, Know matter what happens The world couldn’t keep us apart I love a woman who’s love runs deep Unmeasurable as the sands of the sea You see we love each other completely No doubts, would of, could of, should of’s because I her and her … Continue reading