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A-level Study: Unseen Poetry and Writing Course – FutureLearn

Improve your skills in analysis and creative writing What do you do when you encounter a poem for the first time? How can the process of writing poetry help you to enjoy and understand the written word in new ways? On this course, you’ll explore strategies for close reading and creative writing using a poem called ‘Patagonia’ … Continue reading

Mustard Seeds

You can now find my books at the Richland County Public Library. If you’d like to see them in another library, you just need to submit a title suggestion to your local librarian either online or in-person. Click here to view the Richland County Public Library copy of Mustard Seeds.


I am connected to You You, You, You, and You so if You hurt me You ultimately hurt You.

Dawn of the Literary Mash-up | Escape Into Life

John does an awesome job of defining what the literary mashup is and even includes some great examples. Literary mashups have been described as the mixing of different literary genres. According to John, “A literary mash-up is a hybrid: half creative fiction in its own right, and half criticism or commentary on the original work.” … Continue reading

Deployed: A State of Human Conflict

In this story of man against himself, a young husband in his mid-twenties joins the military hoping to make a better living for his family and ends up getting deployed during his first year as a Marine. He’s a deeply religious man who believes his marriage is doing great, but everyone else who knows him … Continue reading