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#BaltimoreRiots…when the revolution comes Continue reading

#Connected 1: Age of Evolution and Revolution

By myself, I am nothing – like the drop of rain in a puddle of water, I impact nothing alone, but together puddles can flood streets and cause mud slides, reshaping the world as we know it…together, we cause change. Consider the various quotes or advice you’ve heard about the need to connect with others. … Continue reading

#InformationManagement 1: A Discussion

A few weeks ago, I posted the below statement: #InformationManagement 1: The design of any system is quite useless without the instrumentation of a controlled process and the establishment of a supportive culture. Instead of pontificating, I’d like to open this up a bit for discussion. As I continue to ponder this, I’ll add more … Continue reading

The Theory of Ideas

Ideas exist as representations of our understanding… of the world around us. Ideas are the objects of understanding; the synthesis of what we sense. Ideas are the subjects of discussions, which we use to infect others with what we believe. Organizations are communities. Communities exist to perpetuate shared ideas; to infect the world around us; … Continue reading