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The NewsOne Now Race In America Special

Source: Watch Portions Of The NewsOne Now Race In America Special A very interesting article and discussion about race and hate, which has been discussed many times over by many people across the color line for the last few decades. This article included a discussion on the color of Christ, which I addressed several years … Continue reading

The Many Varying Perspectives on God

When it comes to serving God, or your deity of choice, there is no shortage of opportunities or communities to choose from. When one takes a step back to consider the sheer number of religious groups actively practicing their religious and/or spiritual belief of choice, it’s hard to imagine why there should be any strife … Continue reading

#Connected 1: Age of Evolution and Revolution

By myself, I am nothing – like the drop of rain in a puddle of water, I impact nothing alone, but together puddles can flood streets and cause mud slides, reshaping the world as we know it…together, we cause change. Consider the various quotes or advice you’ve heard about the need to connect with others. … Continue reading

#KnowledgeAge 1 : Utopia

#KnowledgeAge 1 : Utopia, if it exists, may only exist in the balance one finds between the soul, the body, and the spirit. Known as a community or society in which the people who inhabit it possess desirable and perfect qualities, Utopia has only been a place described in myths, tall tales, and stories. Plato … Continue reading

#KnowledgeQuote 3 Explained

#KnowledgeQuote: Proverbs 15:7  The lips of the wise disperse knowledge… This statement gets at the heart of one of the tenets of knowledge management: knowledge sharing. According to John Gill, one of the commentaries included in e-Sword,  the wise scatter knowledge about for the benefit of others that the fruit, or in this case, the … Continue reading