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Captain America: Civil War – Short Analysis

The average movie goer may watch Captain America: Civil War and think this action packed movie is awesome. In fact, this movie is pretty awesome. There are some great fight scenes in this movie and a great cast of characters to include one, in particular, many have been waiting to see on the big screen: Black Panther. We, those of us who follow the character Black Panther, are looking forward to seeing more of him on the big screen. But what hidden meaning or message can we discover in this movie? What will many walk away thinking? Read more at the link below.

Source: Abolitic Books: Official Website of Author and Publisher Daryl Horton | Captain America: Civil War – Short Analysis


About Daryl Horton

I'm an information and knowledge manager specializing in creating and sustaining learning organizations in a chaotic and often complex environment. I'm also an artist at heart and I do a lot of creative writing.


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