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Poetic Analysis

Poetic Analysis #1

For this, my first poetic analysis, I’ve chosen the poem “the vacant lot” by Gwendolyn Brooks. You can read it at Poetry Foundation at the below link. The poem is a part of the collection that comprises the book “Selected Poems” by Gwendolyn Brooks. You can find a link to the book under the books tab of my website in the book store. I will focus primarily on imagery.

This poem seems to be about a woman, Mrs. Coley, and the way her daughter treats her new husband. A lot is said in this poem of 12 lines. Mrs. Brooks makes use of metaphor, the sense of sight and even a bit of metonymy to develop the imagery in this poem. She begins with metonymy, with a phrase that represents the homes of Chicago when she writes “three-flat brick.” In the next line we are told that it isn’t there anymore which does two things for the reader. First, it further develops our image of the Chicago home and it evokes a feeling of emptiness…read more at the below link.

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