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#Social Connections 1: Change

The Power of being Socially Connected

social connection Change is the result of what and how we learn, but in order to learn we must be taught – that is, we need teachers…we learn and reinforce what we know from one another daily. That makes us both learners and teachers. We learn from and teach each other new things about life through simple conversation and the actions we take.

I had several events take place today in which I learned something or reinforced something I already knew from my mother, my wife, from co-workers, and from strangers. Did you learn something new today from a friend…from a family member…from your child? Did someone learn something new from you today?


About Daryl Horton

I'm an information and knowledge manager specializing in creating and sustaining learning organizations in a chaotic and often complex environment. I'm also an artist at heart and I do a lot of creative writing.


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