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#InformationManagement 1: A Discussion

A few weeks ago, I posted the below statement:

#InformationManagement 1: The design of any system is quite useless without the instrumentation of a controlled process and the establishment of a supportive culture.

Instead of pontificating, I’d like to open this up a bit for discussion. As I continue to ponder this, I’ll add more details to this post, but would love to hear what others think about it.

Here are my initial thoughts and questions…

The three basic pillars of any system are people, processes and technologies. The application of the science and art of information and knowledge management may be focused on designing a specific system solution to aid in controlling the flow of information and knowledge within the organization, but systems are not static – they undergo change.

Instrumentation is defined on Wikipedia for computer programming as “an ability to monitor or measure the level of a product’s performance, to diagnose errors and to write trace information;” and in general “as the art and science of measurement and control of process variables within a production or manufacturing area.”

How do you create an effective information system without establishing a means for measuring, controlling, and monitoring the changing variables that impact the system?  What variables should we account for?  How important are the relationships between different variables?  Are those relationships malleable?

If we consider the people aspect of the system, variables might include such intangible items as experience, perspective, and beliefs and such tangible or easily testable items as specific skills or various cognitive tests and personality tests.

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I'm an information and knowledge manager specializing in creating and sustaining learning organizations in a chaotic and often complex environment. I'm also an artist at heart and I do a lot of creative writing.


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