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The Theory of Ideas



Ideas exist as
representations of
our understanding…
of the world around us.

Ideas are the objects
of understanding;
the synthesis
of what we sense.

Ideas are the subjects
of discussions, which
we use to
infect others
with what we believe.

Organizations are communities.

Communities exist to perpetuate shared ideas;
to infect the world around us;
to establish a single understanding of,

Ideas are catalysts for conflict since,
there is no single reality.

Conflict precedes change, therefore
Ideas are the catalysts for change.

Ideas evolve
suggesting sustained conflict and
continuous change
the existence of
multiple realities at any one time.


About Daryl Horton

I'm an information and knowledge manager specializing in creating and sustaining learning organizations in a chaotic and often complex environment. I'm also an artist at heart and I do a lot of creative writing.


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