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Thanksgiving: Celebrating the Genocide of Native Americans

The sad reality about the United States of America is that in a matter of a few hundreds years it managed to rewrite its own history into a mythological fantasy. The concepts of liberty, freedom and free enterprise in the “land of the free, home of the brave” are a mere spin. The US was founded and became prosperous based on two original sins: firstly, on the mass murder of Native Americans and theft of their land by European colonialists; secondly, on slavery. This grim reality is far removed from the fairytale version of a nation that views itself in its collective consciousness as a virtuous universal agent for good and progress. The most recent version of this mythology was expressed by Ronald Reagan when he said that “America is a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere.”

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Change...there's a lot going on in the world today. In some places, one can see the history of men dancing with the present, making plans to lay down with our future...

But, we must not be so careless as to forget that we are, every last one of us, connected in a way that suggests that the survival of humanity - as diverse and as complex as it is - rests within ideas upon which men will take action.

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