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Degrees of Love

Rain drops drip

Dripping…drip like

Lips tangled in confused twists,

Teeth embed in flesh, wish

Sounds of beating heart

Like beating fists

Dexterous enough to clinch

The folds of skin fingers pinch

As palms press

Heat rising from flesh

Igniting change

Merging, merging, merging,

Pleasure and pain

Pleasure and pain

Pleasure and pain.



Change...there's a lot going on in the world today. In some places, one can see the history of men dancing with the present, making plans to lay down with our future...

But, we must not be so careless as to forget that we are, every last one of us, connected in a way that suggests that the survival of humanity - as diverse and as complex as it is - rests within ideas upon which men will take action.

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